Tigressá® Carpets

Learn about Tigressá® carpet collections, including Tigressá® Cherish, Tigressá® SoftStyle, & Tigressá® H20™

If kids and pets are tough on your floors, you need more than just a traditional carpet. Tigressá® carpets are able to maintain their softness and strength after years of use due to the tightly woven nylon fibers. These fibers allow more filaments per square inch, which spreads the daily wear over more individual fibers. 

Tigressá® provides carpet styles for your home that can also withstand an active family. Each Tigressá® carpet collection offers unique features to fit your needs and personal style.

Tigressá® Carpets Collections

Tigressa H20


Tigressá® H20™ is a waterproof carpet construction, which prevents liquids from soaking into the carpet cushion and subfloor. Tigressá® H20™ is the perfect carpet for homes with kids and pets, because even if you miss a spill the fist time, it can still be easily cleaned. Also, Tigressá® H20™ will not retain pet odors after cleaning. 

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Tigressa SoftStyle

Tigressá® SoftStyle

Tigressá® SoftStyle provides an ultra-soft texture with rich colors and soft carpet fibers. These carpet fibers create high performance protection. Also Tigressá® SoftStyle's color enhancement system and geometric fiber shape allows for deeper and longer-lasting color. 

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Tigressa Cherish

Tigressá® Cherish

The Tigressá® Cherish collection is inspired by nature's hues and has an advanced color technology to prevent carpet fading. Additionally, Tigressá® Cherish has 75% finer fibers and more micro strands per square inch to give the carpet more plush. 

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Having a Tigressá® carpet in your home means you are getting a softer, stronger, and more sustainable floor compared to traditional carpets. Tigressá® carpet's unique features ensures that you will find a carpet to fit your home decor and needs. The waterproof construction and color enhancement technology allows your family to live on your carpet without worrying about fading, discoloration, stains, and wear. To learn more about Tigressá® carpets, contact Carpet One Floor & Home: Contact