Invincible H2O Solidcore

Reliable waterproof flooring that is available in authentic wood looks

Invincible H2O Solidcore

Carpet One Floor & Home in Enteprise offers Invincible H2O Solidcore, one of our newest and most innovative waterproof flooring options. Invincible H2O Solidcore, which is exclusive to Carpet One stores, is available in multiple wood looks, but it remains durable enough for any setting. It, for example, can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Plus, Invincible H2O Solidcore offers an innovative installation method, as the vinyl planks can be installed in different directions. So, you can certainly achieve custom and unique looks.

Let’s take a look at some of its most popular product features:

H2O MOISTURELOC Seal: Invincible H2O Solidcore has a H2O MOISTURELOC waterproof seal, so the luxury vinyl planks can handle even extreme levels of moisture. This waterproof seal is the strongest and tightest joint available. Invincible H2O Solidcore can therefore be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Solidcore Construction: The luxury vinyl planks feature a strong Solidcore core structure, so they have exceptional dimensional stability. Invincible H2O Solidcore, in addition to being waterproof, is also dent proof. So, it can handle heavy foot traffic from children and pets, and it can even handle rolling traffic you typically have in commercial settings.

Invincible Intensity SurfaceShield: The Invincible Intensity SurfaceShield is a dent proof wear layer that protects the luxury vinyl planks from scratches and stains. Invincible H2O Solidcore, as a result, is easy to clean and maintain, so it provides homeowners with peace of mind.

Acoustic Vinyl Top Layer with Fiberglass: Invincible H2O Solidcore features an acoustic vinyl top layer, so it is much quieter than other luxury vinyl floors. You will not have to deal with noisy foot traffic.

Unique Locking System: Invincible H2O Solidcore is available in 72” long planks that have a 4-side locking system. Most luxury vinyl flooring options only offer a 2-side locking system. With a 4-side locking system, Invincible H2O Solidcore is stronger underfoot, and it also offers extra design possibilities since the planks can be installed in different directions.

Real Wood Visuals: Invincible H2O Solidcore is available in a variety of authentic wood visuals.

Click here to view our catalog to see the wood looks that are available.